Greetings in the name of Christ,

General Secretary Chris Ferguson will complete his term of service to the World Communion of Reformed Churches in August 2021. To ensure a smooth transition, the WCRC Executive Committee will elect the next general secretary during its meeting in May 2021, and a General Secretary Search Committee has thus been established to recommend a nominee.

The General Secretary is “the chief Executive Officer of the World Communion of Reformed Churches and shall be responsible to the General Council and to the Executive Committee to direct and to coordinate the work of the World Communion” (Constitution, Article XII). Other responsibilities of the General Secretary are noted in the WCRC Constitution and detailed in the job description, which can be found on the WCRC website here:

We are asking you, as a leader in a WCRC member church, to share this information throughout your church, especially to those who you feel would make an excellent general secretary.

Those interested in seeking the position must apply no later than 30 November 2020. Information on requirements and how to apply can be found on the WCRC website here:

As a global koinonia, we seek to discern, confess, witness, and be reformed with and through the life of the whole Communion as together we work to transform the world. We are dedicated to finding the best candidate to lead us in our work as we are called to communion and committed to justice.


Rev. Najla Kassab
On behalf of the General Secretary Search Committee